Cat & Dog Boarding in Orlando, FL

Need someone to watch your pet while you go out of town for the weekend? Would you feel more at ease about having your pet stay closer to veterinary professionals than with a friend or family member? Let him stay with us! We offer cat and dog boarding at our Orlando facility so your pet can be well-cared-for while you’re away and so you can have peace of mind.

As an emergency vet hospital in Orlando, FL, we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for our patients. This 24/7 availability is offered to our boarding patients as well. We have staff on-site around the clock to watch your pet. Call us at (407) 298-3807 to schedule your pet’s stay!

dog boarding in orlando, fl

Pet Boarding Amenities and Policy

Our pet boarding facility in Orlando, FL, is equipped to accommodate dogs, cats, and other species (call for details). We provide a safe, comfortable stay for all of our guests with consideration to their species and needs. For the safety of the pets in our care, we require that all guests have updated vaccinations before entering our boarding facility. We’ll be happy to update these for you prior to the date of your pet’s stay, if necessary.

If there’s a certain item from home that you think will make your pet’s boarding stay in our Orlando, FL, animal hospital more enjoyable, please feel free to bring it. This can include food, toys, and blankets. Please also let us know of any special needs your pet has, such as medications (which can be administered for no additional charge).

Book Your Cat or Dog’s Boarding Stay at our Orlando, FL, Animal Hospital

As you’re busy making plans for your vacation, business trip, or other out-of-town trip, we want you to rest easy knowing that your pet will be in good hands. Give us a call at (407) 298-3807 to schedule your pet’s boarding stay in Orlando, FL, keeping in mind that spaces tend to fill up faster during holiday seasons. We look forward to having your pet stay with us! We’ll see you both soon!