Pet Grooming

Are you tired of your pet’s fur ending up all over your couches and carpet? Do you hear loud clicking when your dog walks across the kitchen floor? Is your pet’s coat matted or full of knots? Emergency Pet Hospital of Orlando can help. We understand that life can get busy at times, and it can be easy to forget to groom your pet on a regular basis. That’s why we’re pleased to offer full-service, professional pet grooming in Orlando at our hospital. Whether your pet needs just a basic hair trim or a full bath, our groomer can have your pet looking good, feeling great, and smelling better than ever!

Pet Grooming in Orlando

About Our Pet Grooming Services

Our full-service pet grooming services in Orlando include:

  • Bathing and blow drying
  • Eye and ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Brush out
  • Breed-specific hair cuts
  • Anal gland expression
  • Flea/tick control
  • Dematting

Just as with every other service we provide, we’re happy to be able to improve the health of our patients with our grooming services. After all, pets are beloved members of the family, so they deserve some pampering every once in a while, too!

Benefits of Pet Grooming

There are many benefits, both for you and your pet, to having your companion professionally groomed regularly, such as:

  • Excessive shedding around the home can be reduced
  • Your pet’s coat and skin can be made clean, healthy, and nourished
  • Certain skin conditions and parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.) can be detected and treated*
  • Your pet’s nails/claws can be cut to a healthy length, eliminating any pain or discomfort caused from curling, etc.
  • Odors, knots, and matted fur can be eliminated
  • Contributes to human-animal bonding (when performed at home)

*If our groomer detects any abnormal symptoms, such as hot spots or dandruff, she can recommend a separate dermatology exam and/or laboratory test. During this visit, your pet can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated for the skin condition, if necessary.

Give us a call at (407) 298-3805 to schedule your pet’s grooming in Orlando. We look forward to giving him/her a new look!

Pet Grooming in Orlando