Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is a lot of fun for the whole family, but our pets can sometimes get overwhelmed and even be put in harm’s way. To help you and your furry family have a safe holiday, our animal hospital has come up with Halloween pet safety tips so you can avoid a trip to the emergency vet.


Costumes, whether for your pet or the rest of your family, can be stressful and hazardous for pets. Keep in mind that pets sometimes don’t understand that it’s still you under all the ghoulish make-up or gorilla mask, and they may feel uneasy and even defensive. If you notice your pet is nervous, around you and your costumed guests, put them in a quiet room with a few toys where they can relax.

For pet costumes, make sure your pet loves their outfit. If they don’t, it may cause undue stress, which could result in self-harm as they try to get it off. Also, make sure it fits properly, and supervise your pet while they’re wearing it. Pets can easily chew off any protruding parts, get themselves tangled or worse.


Open flames and electric lights are commonplace during Halloween. Make sure any candles or jack-o-lanterns are well out of paw’s reach, and that all electric lights are secured so your pet can’t play with or chew them. Additionally, pumpkins, cornstalks, and spiderwebs can all be curious things to sniff or take a bite of for pets, and all can cause serious stomach upset and obstruction. Keep these items away from your pet!

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Chocolate and xylitol, a sugar substitute, are both dangerous toxins for our pets and found in the majority of Halloween candies! Ensure your kids know not to share any treats with their furry best friends, and keep any candy in your home away from whiskered noses. Wrappers can cause serious internal damage if ingested!

Whether your pet ingests some candy, comes in contact with an open flame, or swallows the fin on their shark costume, our veterinarians are available to help get them back to full health! Contact us at (407) 298-3807 with any questions!